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Press coverage from September 27, 2022 for Architectural Digest - Link

How a Master Glass Blower Makes Huge Abstract Vases

You may recognize Deborah Czeresko as the winner of season one of Blown Away on Netflix. Today, she lets Arch Digest into her studio for an up-close look at how she fashions molten glass into massive abstract vases. “Glass is very elemental, and some of the tools we use are also very elemental. Heat, water, air, gravity, centrifugal force - a lot of people don't think of those as tools. But they are for the glass maker."

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The Flora collection installed at Schloss Hollenegg, as seen in AD Photo: William Jess Laird

Press coverage from September 16, 2022 by Hannah Martin for Architectural Digest - Link

The Wizardry Behind Sophie Lou Jacobsen and In Common With’s Latest Collab

Urban Glass, a 17,000-square-foot glass making facility in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, is something of a cave of wonders. Filled with confections in progress—think In Common With pendants, Lindsey Adelman chandeliers, and tableware by Anna Karlin—the site is the birth place of many of Brooklyn’s most loved glass designs. (Emerging talent Dana Arbib, who usually works in Murano, was recently spotted there exploring local production options.)

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