Intro to Boro: Chains

February 23rd, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Cha Cha Chainz |

Learn how to make stunning borosilicate glass chains with Cha Cha Chainz! In this flameworking class, you will explore techniques for melting and bending clear borosilicate glass rods to create beautiful, wearable works of art. All skill levels are welcomed and encouraged to join. We will discuss symmetrical connections and tips to keep your chains from cracking by inspecting areas of stress and tension within the glass.

What to Expect: Class will be divided by demonstrations, individual instruction and plenty of practice time. By the end of the session, students should have the confidence to continue advancing their skills independently. Read more about how to prepare for class on our Registration Info page

Eligibility: No previous experience required. Open to ages 14 and up. 

Pick-up: The glass needs to cool down overnight so the students may have to return to UrbanGlass once notified to pick up their work from the final day of class. 

This is an in-person class taking place on-site at UrbanGlass. Health and safety guidelines will be emailed to you upon registration. 

Class Schedule
  • 1 Session: February 23rd
    Friday, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
UrbanGlass Studio
647 Fulton St
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Cha Cha Chainz

Charlene Foster aka Cha Cha Chainz represents the gold standard in glass chain making. A pioneer of the trend, she has been perfecting the art of flawless and seamless links since 2002.

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