Our Atelier acts as an interface between the New York visual art, sculpture, design and architecture communities. Recent commissions include work done with Dakota Jackson and Eva Zeisel, Tom Otterness, Tony Oursler, Tsao & McKown Architects, Misha Kahn and Valarie Snobeck. See our Atelier FAQ below for more information on the types of projects our studio is able to complete. The Atelier Submission Form is located at the bottom of the page. 

What is UrbanGlass?  UrbanGlass is a non-profit which provides a public glass studio for artists to make glass work and for people interested in glass to learn about it. We are not a glass manufacturing business.

What can UrbanGlass Atelier repair? UrbanGlass does not take on any repair work. We do not repair figurings, goblets, flat or plate glass, or paraphernalia. However we may be able to fabricate a similar custom piece. 

What can UrbanGlass Atelier make? Because we support artist working in all the fields of glass making, we can usually find someone to make your project come to fruition. Currently, we are not doing any scientific glass blowing.  We recommend contacting Salem County Community College in New Jersey for any scientific glass work. 

Who can have work made at UrbanGlass? Normally we work with artists, designers, and architects, but anyone who has a budgeted project is welcome to submit a request. 

Who makes the work? Your project will be made by an individual artist at the UrbanGlass studio. 

Who designs the work? Typically, the client provides all designs and renderings.  Normally, we do not design the work.  However, if you have a concept idea we can work with you to design and make the work. 

How do I start a project? Fill out the Atelier Submission form below and specify budget and deadline. Diagrams can be uploaded with the submission.   

How many items can I have made? Because we are not a factory, runs of over 500 units are typically not possible. 

How much will it cost? We do not take on projects with a budget less than $1000. Glass is a costly process, especially if the object is made by hand. Many inexpensive glasswares are made in oversea factories. Pricing is very dependent on the project. We generally start out with a ballpark figure and then work from there. Budgets typically include labor, equipment, and materials.     

How long does it take? Again timing is very dependent on the project. Once the form is submitted, please allow a processing time of 7 days. The minimum requirement is six to eight weeks for any project.    

Atelier Submissions

Please be as specific as possible, including quantity, scale, color, etc.
Depending on the complexity and scale of the project, at a minimum, expect six to eight weeks.
Minimum budget of $1000 USD