Studio Rules

Please read our terms carefully as our studio policies have recently changed.

UrbanGlass prioritizes respect for all people, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity. Harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and unwanted advances are prohibited and violations will also result in permanent denial of access. Should you experience any of these, please notify the Deputy Director or Studio Manager immediately.

Please review the COVID-19 Community Policies and Studio Updates

General Studio Rules

  • All Studio users must have a credit card on file with UrbanGlass.
  • Until further notice, all studio users age 12 and older must show proof of at least one dose of a WHO approved vaccine against COVID-19.
  • First time studio users of UrbanGlass must present a photo ID, complete and sign a Studio Waiver and receive written approval from the Studio Manager or Deputy Director before being allowed to rent time in any area of the studio.
  • Access to any area of the UrbanGlass studio will be denied to anyone under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.
  • Abusive or violent behavior will not be tolerated and UrbanGlass reserves the right to cancel the participation of any individual who is considered to be a  danger or who exhibits unacceptable behavior towards any staff, students, or renters.
  • Anyone under the age of 18 must have a legal guardian sign the Studio Waiver.
  • No one will be allowed in the studio more than one hour before opening nor one hour after closing.
  • All work and cleaning of the area must be done by the end of your rental time to be considerate of the next renter's time and use of the shared studio resources.
  • Smoking and vaping is not allowed in any area of the UrbanGlass studio.
  • No pets are allowed in the UrbanGlass studio.
  • Due consideration should be shown for individual welfare and for the welfare of others when working; including, but not limited to, making sure that studio floors are free of any unnecessary clutter and hazards or obstacles that may impede passage of others, whether it be by staff, students, or renters.
  • Packages received for studio users will be kept behind reception on 3rd floor. Packages need to be picked up within 72 hours of receipt. Please track your package. 
  • When speaking with staff in the studio, please ensure that they are in fact on duty.


  • The correct eye protection is required when working in any area of the studio. Prescription eyewear qualifies as eye protection. After two requests to wear protective glasses users will, on the third time, have their scheduled time or class participation terminated.
  • Hearing protection is recommended for the cold shop.
  • Flammable fabrics such as polyester or rayon may not be worn in the hot shop or flame shop.
  • Shoes must have closed toes and backs.
  • Long hair must be tied back when working in any area of the studio.

Safety and Security

  • In the event of a fire, please leave the building immediately through the nearest available exit and report to the technician at the designated safety zone outside the building. Please familiarize yourself with the posted maps.
  • All accidents, no matter how minor, should be reported immediately to the Director of Operations or Studio Technician and the Accident Report Form completed.
  • Audible music is allowed in the studio only by permission of the Director of Operations or the Studio Manager/Technician on duty.  Music is only allowed to be played from a central music system and as a comfort to all studio users. If ANY studio user has an issue with the volume, or type of music being played, that cannot be amicably worked out among the studio users the UrbanGlass staff reserves the right to not allow music in the studio for the day.
  • Any broken and/or defective equipment should be reported immediately to the studio tech. Repairs should not be attempted unless authorized by the Director of Operations.
  • Do not leave valuables unattended. UrbanGlass is not responsible for theft or damage to personal articles or work left in the facility.
  • Do not unlock or prop open any door.
  • Artists and students wishing to use 1-lb propane/MAPP gas tanks shall provide their own tanks, and remove them, on the day of usage. There shall be no storage of 1-lb propane/MAPP gas tanks within the UrbanGlass facilities. Please consult the retailer from which the tanks are purchased for instructions on the proper recycling and/or disposal of such tanks.
  • No toxic chemicals are allowed in the studio. For clarification on toxic materials please see Director of Operations or Studio Manager.


  • Work area must be cleaned before end of rental or class period.. This applies to all equipment and surrounding areas/floors.  If a workstation is not clean at the beginning of a blow slot or class time, a Studio Technician should be notified prior to work starting.
  • Do not leave materials, supplies, or work out over night in any space other than your personal locker. Any work, materials, or supplies will be removed in the morning by the UrbanGlass staff.
  • Individual shelves, table tops, and rental lockers tops should be kept clean and orderly. The maximum height allowed on top of shelving units is 30".
  • Check out with the Studio Manager or Studio Technician for final approval of clean-up, and prior to exiting the facility.
  • Student initiated clean-up shall be overseen by the class instructor and teaching assistant(s) and shall be given final approval by the Studio Manager or Studio Technician prior to exiting the facility.

Hot Shop

  • No walk-in Hot Shop bookings, all rentals should be reserved in advance.
  • All work unloaded from annealers will be placed on the hot shop shelves.  All work must be removed from the shelves within 7 days of the completion of the blow slot. After 7 days, remaining work will be destroyed or recycled without notice.
  • Wax, tools with wax, water soaked shaping tools, and containers holding fluids are not allowed on the marvers.
  • All powdered glass must be in sealed containers. Powder sifting is allowed only in the powder booth.
  • Empty hot glass only into “glass only” dumpster
  • Do not modify any hot shop controller or computer.

Cold Shop

  • Do not use any equipment you have not been certified to use. (The UrbanGlass Director of Operations or his designated substitute must certify each individual (unless enrolled in a specific cold working class) on each piece of equipment in the cold shop prior to its use.)
  • Hearing protection is recommended at all times.
  • Dust masks are strongly recommended.
  • Dust masks must be worn when undertaking sandblasting.
  • Long hair must be tied back, dangling jewelry removed, and apron laces/ties firmly secured.
  • No equipment may be run, at any time, with safety cabinets, belt guards or protective barriers either malfunctioning or out of place.
  • Renters / students are responsible for cleaning the cold shop machines (equipment housings as well as any reservoirs housing grit, grit water mixtures, backsplashes and protective covers)

Flat Glass / Kilnforming / Moldmaking Area

  • Dust masks is a requirement when undertaking mold making, shelf preparation, working with fine frit, powdered glass, enamels or glass painting.
  • Do not leave hot wax unattended.
  • Do not dump anything that is not water soluble into any studio sink.
  • Do not place anything on top of the kilns.
  • Do not modifying any kiln controller or computer.
  • Proper cleaning of any and all surfaces, studio floors and/or kilns used as well as disposal of any waste generated in slop buckets (plaster/silica waste, glass scraps or cutoffs) by the renter / student is the sole responsibility of the renter/student.

Flameworking Studio

  • Proper cleaning of any and all surfaces, studio floors and/or kilns used by the renter / student  is the sole responsibility of the renter / student.

Mold Shop

  • There is no storage for work in this room other than drying plaster-silica molds on the specified drying shelves. Molds must have full name, date and cell number left with them.
  • There is no equipment storage in the mold room. All personal wax pots, heating elements and open flames must be removed from the shop when you leave.
  • All personal wax pots, heating elements and open flames must be shut off if left unattended.
  • No open containers of plaster, silica, or the combination may be left out. Plaster and silica must be stored securely in air tight containers in your locker.
  • Respirator or dust mask must be worn when using plaster or silica.
  • Plaster and silica must be mixed under a vent hood regardless of respirator or dust mask.
  • No plaster or silica in the sinks. Buckets, hands, and tools are to be pre-washed in the plaster cleaning bucket. Left over wet material goes into a TRASH BIN not into the cleaning bucket.
  • All wax working must be done under a vent hood.
  • De-mold in water or under a vent.
  • Mop and sponge down work spaces before you leave.

UrbanGlass reserves the right to define and amend the above rules and regulations.