COVID-19 Protocols and Studio Updates

This information is subject to change. ***Updated November 1, 2022

COVID-19 Protocols 

Masks are recommended and encouraged for all age 2 and older. We have paper masks available upon request. 

We recommend being up-to-date with a WHO approved COVID-19 vaccine series.

Please wash your hands upon arrival to the facility. Hand sanitizer is also supplied for use around the studio.  You are encouraged to disinfect surfaces before and after you use it.

Please be mindful of social distance and the space you occupy. Be respectful of each other's use of the studio as a shared resource.

Self monitoring is a priority, anytime you do not feel well or are sick, stay home, and monitor your symptoms to determine if you should take a COVID-19 test.

Follow the CDC guidance on when you are exposed to COVID-19 or experience symptoms.

Confirmed COVID-19 case

If you were onsite in the 2 days immediately prior to the confirmed positive test or start of symptoms confirmed by a test to be COVID-19, contact anyone you worked with on a team, or spent 15 minutes or more in close proximity with unmasked. Please also let us know if you need help contacting people, email or call:


2023 UrbanGlass Studio Reminders

  • Studio access continues on a sign-up basis, either through registering for a class or rental bookings through Checkfront
  • Don't forget to book the flat shop ahead of time for packing or projects
  • A calendar is available by signing into Checkfront to see an overview of studio activity to plan your projects.  This is highly recommended for use of the cold shop and flat shop that may be busy.
  • NEW short term rental shelves in the Flat Shop
  • Upgraded WiFi in the studio, same password, better coverage

It is important to:

  • Following instructions and requests from the Techs
  • Only store items in designated locations
  • Removing unloaded work and student projects from shared shelves as soon a possible
  • Sharing the space and equipment
    1. time spent on one piece of equipment is limited to two hours when another person is waiting to use it
    2. Avoid storing work or packing materials on the flat shop tables or other shared studio surfaces
  • Keep from allowing too much water to pool on the cold shop floor, due to an unfortunate tilt in the room, you must squeegee water to the drain to prevent flooding the mold room.

Common spaces

  • CLEAN clean clean the spaces you work in thoroughly after use
  • Classroom will be accessible for breaks when there is not a class or meeting
    1. Please wipe down the area after use
  • One shower is open for use
    1. If you use it, clean it afterwards
    2. Cleaning supplies will be provided
  • Mark your items in the fridge to avoid it being tossed out on Sundays